International Property Investors • Luxembourg


Established in 2006 as the international evolution of a private investment business active in Italy since the early 1970s, Alma Mater SA aims at finding, acquiring and managing quality properties that ensure a significant return on investment and a good potential for capital gains upon disposal or conversion into alternative uses.

We invest exclusively in commercial properties, with a particular interest for retail and office properties. We select assets with a long term view, adding value to our portfolio through constant maintenance, technical improvements and periodical restyling. We put great emphasis in developing good and lasting relationships with our tenants, some of whom have been in occupation for over fifty years.

In time, we have built in each jurisdiction where we operate a strong network of professionals (lawyers, engineers, architects, tax advisors, accountants, property managers, agents, banks and building companies) that allow us to manage our portfolio through a lean and efficient structure.

What we look for.

We invest in retail or office properties. A residential element is acceptable as long as it is not the main driver of the investment. We are currently looking for Central London properties in good locations either already established or with good mid to long term potential.

The properties we look for are ideally at least partly occupied by a good quality covenant; alternatively, we develop new properties on the basis of previous agreements with a strong commercial partner who will then occupy the premises. In either case, we appreciate the chance of long term capital improvement through asset management and contract re-gearing.

Completely vacant properties can be considered if they have an attractive low capital value and excellent location.

Properties that we may be interested in are: food convenience store (up to 6,000 sqf) let to primary market operators with good capital value; food stores (lot size between 6,000 sft and 12,000 sqf) let to primary market operators with good capital value; office buildings with or without a retail or a residential element at least partially rented and in a good location; high street stores or restaurants as long as part of a multiple chain.

Virtual freehold or freehold only.

We are normally a cash buyer and consequently we are able to complete very rapidly.

We have a team of legal and tax advisors, surveyors and property managers in the markets where we operate that can support us in the acquisition process.




Focusing on the prime London office market, our properties are in the most sought after London areas, the City and Midtown, and our tenants warrant primary covenants.


With specific focus on the retail market, food and non food. Our tenants are large household names, including the Carrefour and the OVS groups.


With specific focus on the Geneva office market. In Switzerland tenants are long established businesses, professional firms and governmental agencies.